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Alex Jones Co-Opts #BlackLivesMatter Slogan For Protest, Chaos Follows (Video)

Alex Jones' conspiracy website has often referred to African-American people as "thugs" and mocked the "#BlackLivesMatter" anti-police brutality movement. ran the headline, "Black Thugs Beat Up Defenseless White Guys in Front of Police Station," on Feb. 3, 2014.

On Dec. 30, 2014, used the headline, "Black Thug Beats Elderly Man in Suspected ‘Racial Attack.'" stated on Jan. 5, "Black Lives Matter Protesters Target White People Eating Brunch; Movement ends with ridicule as demonstrators crash restaurants." reprinted a Gateway Pundit article on Feb. 17 with the headline, "PHOTOS: Black Lives Matter Protesters Bully & Harass White Children at Restaurants."

Despite's open disdain for the "#BlackLivesMatter" campaign, Jones and his fellow protesters co-opted the slogan on signs for a demonstration outside a Planned Parenthood facility in Austin, Texas, on May 21 (video below).

Jones and his crew claimed to be protesting against a black genocide — supposedly committed by Planned Parenthood — when they ran into some counter-protesters whom deemed to be "militant communists" from a group called "Red Guards Austin."

There was plenty of shoving and name-calling as chaos ensued between the two groups.

The Red Guards Austin stated on May 21 on their Facebook page:

"Red Guards Austin stands with women. We defend their right to choose and their right to safe abortion. We seek to help create a society where safe, healthy abortions are provided upon request — free of charge. We stand in solidarity with the women of our community, who are principally women of color.

"Solidarity means a commitment to defending our rights to safe abortion and serving the people against white male reactionaries who seek to control women, restrict their choices, or intimidate them into submission. Our principle is that those who uphold such backwardness should be prevented from harming the community and isolated accordingly."

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Image Credit: Screenshot


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