Alaska Airlines Employee Sings National Anthem To Honor Deceased Veteran (Video)


A customer service agent for Alaska Airlines moved passengers at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport when she reportedly sang the national anthem in honor of a deceased veteran before a flight departure in October (video below).

The agent, Denise Snow, discovered the veteran's remains would be traveling on the flight from Anchorage to Seattle, KTVA reports. She reportedly stopped what she was doing and sang "The Star-Spangled Banner" in tribute to the deceased veteran whose remains were brought onto the plane.  

The veteran, who was identified only as AJ by his family, had served more than 21 years of active duty service and 18 years with the Civil Service. He also participated in the Vietnam War.

He had reportedly died after retiring from the military, and his remains were being flown to their final resting place for burial.

The heartwarming moment was captured on cellphone video by a passenger, Neal Jette, who was waiting to board the flight to Seattle with his wife, Julia.

The video, which Julia posted to Facebook on Oct. 16, shows airport passengers listening in respectful silence as Snow sings the national anthem. When she finishes, they burst into applause.

"I was fighting back tears!" Julia wrote in the Facebook post. "What a moving experience and what an amazing voice of that Alaska Airlines employee!"

In the month since it was posted, the video was viewed more than 296,000 times, and the post has received 132 likes and more than 6,000 shares.

Facebook posters writing in the comments section called the moment "beautiful" and "moving."

Snow has been employed with Alaska Airlines for 26 years, according to a blog on the airline's website. She reportedly also sang "God Bless America" at a send-off ceremony for 23 World War II veterans boarding an honor flight to Washington, D.C., in April.

“Denise uses her gift of a beautiful voice to honor those that have served our country, some making the ultimate sacrifice," Marilyn Romano, the airline's regional vice president, said in the blog. "I do not believe she has missed an Honor Flight departure, at times coming in dressed in her uniform on her day off."

The Jettes said the moment at the airport was one they would always remember.

"The family member [of the veteran] carrying the ashes was crying and it ripped my heart out," Julia wrote. "It was amazing and heart-wrenching all at once."

"It was awesome to see the hundreds of people stop in their tracks to pull their hats off and stand at attention to show their respect," Neal wrote about the airline passengers who witnessed the event, according to KTVA.

Sources: KTVA, Alaska Airlines Blog, Julia Jette/Facebook / Photo credit: Frank Kovalchek/Wikimedia Commons, Video Screenshot

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