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Alabama Town Does 'Peanut Drop' For New Year's Eve (Video)

The folks in Dothan, Alabama, celebrated New Year's Eve with a giant "Peanut Drop" (video below), and an unusually shaped balloon holder (picture above).

Twitter user Roz McDermott tweeted pictures of the balloon holder (before and after) with this caption: "#Alabama can't even do #NewYearsEve right: Dothan, World Peanut Capitol intent 2 drop THE 'nut' at midnight but load dropped 'early' #alpolitics."

According to, Dothan sits in an area where 25% of U.S. peanuts are produced, and has been called "The Peanut Capital of the World."

Dothan also put on a National Peanut Festival at its "Peanut Festival Fairgrounds."

Jansen Tidmore, executive director of the Dothan Downtown Redevelopment Authority (DDRA), prepared the Dothan Eagle for the town's first-ever New Year’s Eve countdown a few hours before it happened:

Anytime you’ve got an outdoor event you’ve got the threat of weather. For New Year’s, people are looking for a place to come listen to some live music, a place where they can be entertained, eat some food and just generally have a good time. We’ve got enough places open, enough events going on, enough things that we’re working through that people are going to have plenty of options to enjoy their New Year’s.

Jamie Bienvenu, the DDRA's director of merchants and marketing, added: "We’re building off our successful Foster Fest season, and we had a lot of public interest and requests to add this specific event. Our friends and neighbors with those business partnerships are the reason we have this event."

Kelsey Barnard Clark, a local business owner, admitted this was new for the small town:

I think it’s definitely a learning process and it’s a growing process down here. I think all we can do as businesses is to be open and support what’s going on, and eventually we’ll see benefits from it.

Exposing people to everything downtown and its businesses have to offer is what’s important. Whatever can bring more people down here is the goal.

Caroline Tidmore, the property manager for a downtown business, told the newspaper: "Dothan has never had much going on for New Year’s Eve. Coming together and getting a community event is just so exciting, something we can look forward to every year to ring in the new year with all of Dothan."

Sources: Roz McDermott/Twitter, Dothan Eagle, / Photo Credit: Roz McDermott/Twitter

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