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Alabama Students In Trouble For Racist Hoodies (Photos)

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Students at an Alabama high school are facing discipline after a photo surfaced showing them wearing sweatshirts displaying a racial slur.

The photo, which was posted to Snapchat and circulated throughout Ardmore High School before coming to the attention of school administrators, depicted two students wearing black hoodies with "Demon Chasin N*****" written on them, per WHNT.

The two students reportedly had the sweatshirts confiscated from them when school officials became aware of the issue, although it was unclear if the students received further punishment.

Karen Tucker, director of technology and public relations with Limestone County Schools, asserted that the sweatshirts in question were taken from the students and that the school had dealt with them appropriately.

"The students’ actions are a violation of the core values of our schools system and do not represent the student body,” said Tucker. “We hold our students to the highest standards and we will not tolerate this type of behavior."

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The two boys dressed in the black hoodies, tan shorts and red headbands as part of "Twin Day," a school tradition that encourages students to pair off and dress like one another as part of homecoming festivities, according to the Daily Mail.

"LCS remains committed to the safety of our students," continued the statement from the Limestone County School district. "We have rules and regulations on preventing, recognizing and reporting bullying and insensitive behavior as well as curriculum for students at all grade levels. We will continue to take every appropriate measure to ensure that our schools are safe and welcoming places for students to learn."

The administration did not specify the nature of the punishment and news outlets did not reveal the identity of the students, as they are both minors.

Not everyone felt the two students deserved harsh punishment, though. One commenter argued that a small mistake made in adolescence should not dictate the remainder of their lives.

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"They can be denied jobs or kicked out of school over all these petty people who got their feelings hurt," the person wrote. "Why is everyone so soft complaining about stuff that doesn't matter. It's people who have nothing better to do is what it is. This is rediculous."

Others suggested that the boys might have been emboldened by the election of U.S. President Donald Trump.

"These two young men need to learn what is and is not appropriate and those sweatshirts were not," wrote another.

Sources: WHNT, Daily Mail / Featured Image: BWChicago/Flickr / Embedded Images: Snapchat via WHNT, Daily Mail

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