'You Are A Hero': Person Leaves Anonymous Thank You Note On Alabama Police Car


The police department in Alabaster, Alabama, took to its Facebook page earlier this month to thank an anonymous resident who left a note of thanks on one of the department’s patrol cars. 

“APD Officer Angel found this note on the windshield of his patrol car today,” the Sept. 18 post accompanying a photograph of the note reads. “What a sweet note! He doesn't know who put it there but said it made his day. Thank you to the anonymous writer!”

“Thank you,” the anonymous note reads. “You put your life in the line every day to keep us all safe. You are a hero. I appreciate all you do. Police deserve more than they are given in return for their service.”

It is signed, “Your thankful neighbor.”

Sergeant H.M. Boackle, President of Birmingham’s Fraternal Order of Police, spoke to WIAT News about the note. He said he was “stunned” but that, he too, had recently been the recipient of the public’s kindness. 

“I was eating at a restaurant the other day, and someone just bought my dinner,” he said.

He added that someone else recently left a note and a bag of dog treats for the Birmingham Police Department’s K-9s.

“Just a small token of my appreciation for the special talents of the K-9 officers,” the note read, according to Boackle.

“It really makes it all surreal for us when we see it from black and white, from someone telling us that they appreciate us putting our lives on the line,” Boackle said. “No law enforcement officer or anyone trying to help the community ever wants to be justified as a hero. It’s not about being a hero. If people think that we are, we appreciate it.”

News of the recent anonymous note spread as far away as Missouri where it was picked up by Kansas City station WDAF News. 

That story also noted that the cities of Olathe, Kansas City, and Grandview had all reported receiving gestures of support. 

Officers in Grandview recently said someone bought their dinner while they were eating at a Steak ’n Shake restaurant. Officers in the Kansas City metro area said they have received flowers, candy and thank you notes.

Sources: Facebook: Alabaster Police Department, WIAT News, WDAF News

Photo credit: Facebook: Alabaster Police Department


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