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Alabama Deputy Sees Woman Mowing Lawn With Infant, Does Something Amazing (Photo)

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Pictures of an Alabama deputy mowing the lawn for a mother with a newborn went viral after they were posted to Facebook.

“Y’all thought I was about to get in trouble or something,” Rachael Brindley, mother of the newborn, wrote on Facebook. “But this sweet sheriff stopped and insisted on mowing my yard for me!”

Brindley had attached the 4-month-old to her via a front-facing baby carrier and was attempting to mow the lawn when the deputy saw her, KCTV 5 reported. Brindley’s husband had been working hard on a project, which is why she decided to mow the lawn herself.

“It was a nice day out,” Brindley told KCTV 5. “I enjoy cutting the grass.”

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After the deputy mowed the lawn, the Madison County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the man had in fact performed the task. According to a post on the sheriff’s office Facebook page, Brindley was very thankful.

Brindley's husband noted that although the gesture was small, it greatly helped his wife. 

Sources: KCTV 5, 48 WAFF

​Photo Credit: Facebook, WikiCommons


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