Airline Gets Slammed For This "Sexist" Safety Card. Look Closer (Photos)

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A safety card is a document which gives instructions about the procedures to be undertaken when an emergency occurs, and the airline Wizz Air decided to give the document a sexier edge.

The airline became a trending topic on social media after they decided to use a curvaceous woman to illustrate the safety procedures for their passengers.

In the illustrations, the woman appears to be almost naked as she performs several safety steps. The cards also feature her dressed in a really tight mini dress, which was a contentious issue among many of the passengers.

Safety cards are usually illustrated using cartoons since the cards are supposed to be read by passengers of all ages. Pictures of Wizz Air’s cards were shared on social media, with various passengers claiming that the airline was too “sexist.”

A post by Steve Biggs read, “Interesting @wizzair safety instruction card :) In some of them it looks like the stewardess hasn't got any clothes on!”


Safety cards are generally considered as dull because they are meant to share simple images of safety procedures to be undertaken during an unexpected landing or another emergency event. However, Wizz Air decided to add a more realistic human figure to their cards.

The combination of a skintight dress and a side-boob is bound to draw a lot of attention on the internet. In the illustrations, the slim woman can be seen performing various safety procedures such as evacuating the aircraft, fitting a life jacket, taking care of children during an emergency etc. However, in one of the images the woman is opening the plane’s door, her side-boob visible. Antonio Pratas, a Twitter user, commented, “What's with safety leaflets? The hostess portrayed here is a very sexy one, I'd say TOO SEXY even. A bit of sideboob makes the cut here."

Wizz Air’s passengers noticed the images and later labeled them as “sexy” and “inappropriate.”


Another picture displays the woman showing her cleavage, and Antonio Pratas added, “But my favorite one is this, where you can see some cleavage possibly, but again lots of boobs. Instructions say ‘grab your boobs when going down the inflatable slide’ I guess?”

Some Twitter users have responded negatively to Wizz Air’s decision to use these illustrations for their safety cards. For instance, Twitter user Laura Watkin said, "Really @wizzair?! Surely the bare legs would result in serious chafing on the emergency slide? #jobsforwomen #everydaysexism #bodycon #stereotype."

Sources: Mirror / Photo Credit: Google, Twitter/Laura Watkin, Twitter/Steve Biggs 

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