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Airline Faces Backlash For 'Shaming' Woman Over Her 'Inappropriate' Outfit


The 33-year old Writer Serah Nathan had been reportedly approached by a Jetstar airline employee last Sunday in Sydney, while waiting for her flight back to Melbourne.

According to Daily Mail Australia, Nathan says the staff had asked her to move back to her own seat after sitting on her boyfriend's lap because it may offend nearby families with her inappropriate behavior.

She also claims that the staff had not liked her outfit, which was a grey tank top tucked underneath her bra and matching grey tracksuit pants, after being told by the employee that “I doubt you'll be able to board your flight dressed like that.”

'I calmly asked [the employee] to clarify why I couldn't converse with my partner while sitting on his knees and she reiterated there were children around and added, ''you're disrespecting the parents here by straddling your boyfriend,' Nathan said.

Nathan admits that she felt strongly 'slut-shamed' after insisting that she was just saying goodbye to her boyfriend, who she won’t be seeing again after Christmas.

'I felt simultaneously enraged and sad at the airport. I'm well aware that if I I expressed emotion security would have been called and I could have missed my flight home.'


The spokesperson from Jetstar addressed the issue, disregarding her version of the event and saying that their company does not tolerate discrimination.

'We don't tolerate discrimination in any form and our teams dispute allegations they were acting in this way,' the Jetstar spokesperson said.

Nathan then filed a formal complaint to Jetstar, but was only enraged when she was told that she was “very beautiful” after she sent a photo of her outfit by the officials. 'I have checked the photo and I think you are very beautiful, your boyfriend must be very lucky to have you,' the response read.

'I can understand that you were not engaging in a sexual activity, but then again I believe that this kind of body language must be done in a private place.' the response ends.

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: CNG01-News

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