'My Body May Be Weak, But I Am Strong': Woman Gives Epic Response To Stranger's Note On Car (Photo)


A woman's response to a note left on her car went viral.

Cameron McMillin posted a photo of the note to Facebook, which was left after she parked in a disabled parking spot.

"Ladies, it appears that you are both able bodied," the note read.

"It’s disappointing to see the misuse of that disabled placard here at Rocklin Elementary," it continued. "Please reserve this spot for people who are truly less fortunate that you. Thank you."

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It turns out McMillin had every right to park in the spot — as she later explained in a Facebook post that has garnered applause across social media. 

"Today you made me cry, but that's okay," McMillin wrote in the Feb. 4 Facebook post. "I'd like to take this time to inform you about a medical condition that I have called Ehler's Danlos Syndrome.

"It is a connective tissue condition that causes pain in my joints, muscles, and all throughout my body, dislocated hips, knees, ankles, and ribs, heart palpitations, organ problems, multiple surgeries, and many more."

She went on to criticize the note's author for making a "snap [judgment]" based on what she saw. 

"What you see on the outside is not what exists on the inside," McMillin wrote.

"My body may be weak, but I am strong," she added. "Next time please get to know a person before you make a comment like this. People who have Ehler's Danlos Syndrome are never heard and I want to change that. It's about time we gain a voice."

McMillin's post quickly went viral, and it was shared over 2,000 times as of Feb. 11.

Many voiced their support for McMillin in the comments section.

"I have to tell you I get dirty looks all the time when I park there on my relly bad days," one reader wrote. "EDS is tough and people have no idea.

"Thank you for being strong and saying what needs to be said... took the words right out of my mouth…"

Sources: Metro UK, Cameron McMillin/Facebook / Photo credit: Metro UK

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