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Australian Mom Writes Heartwarming Letter To Jetstar Airline After They Helped Autistic Son

Australian mom Shelley Baudoux wrote a heartwarming thank you letter to the Jetstar airline after they accommodated her autistic son when he didn’t want to board the plane.

The Facebook letter can be read in full below.

Shelley was traveling with her 9-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son, Corey, to see her father in Tasmania. When it was time to leave the terminal and board the plane, Corey had a hard time.

“Two dark haired hostesses were very helpful... and a ground control man named Glen even came and spoke to my son and offered to let him wear his jacket to try and coax him onto the plane,” Shelley wrote.

Unfortunately, the family missed the plane because Corey refused to board. However, Jetstar offered them an alternative flight.

“We got him on the lift and up to the cabin door but still no luck,” Shelley wrote. “He was very distressed and upset…Not wanting to get on the plane…then the pilot, Cameron, took the time to come out, chat to my son and offer for him to take a seat in the cockpit once we arrived in Launceston.”

Shelley wrote that she was blown away by Jetstar’s understanding and encouragement.

Unfortunately, the offer still wasn’t enough, and Shelley was forced to return home. However, she plans to take the trip in the future with her daughter.

Jetstar responded to the Facebook letter with a request for Shelley’s address. They explained that they wanted to send something to Corey, since he didn’t get to travel with them.

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