New York Man Puts Up Fliers To Find $1,000 Of Wife's Clothing Their Son Accidentally Threw Away

A Manhattan man put up fliers around his neighborhood in a desperate attempt to find $1,000 worth of his wife’s clothing which had been accidentally thrown out by his son.

The note as seen on DNAinfo: “Wife’s dry cleaning went out with the recycling,” Michael Farrah, 48, wrote on the fliers. “Somebody picked it up other than Sanitation. Reward given. Please contact dead husband walking.”

According to Farrah, his 9-year-old son Finn accidentally grabbed a plastic dry cleaning bag containing his mother’s clothing, including two dresses, a scarf, a skirt, and a pair of pants, when he took out the recycling to help his father.

“He brought the dry cleaning down and threw it on the pile with the rest of the recycling garbage,” Farrah told the New York Post. “I didn’t notice that he took the bag down.”

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After taking Finn and his younger son, Elijah, to school that morning, Farrah returned home to take care of the dry cleaning and realized that the bag was nowhere in sight. Finn told him that he had brought the bag downstairs by accident.

Farrah, panicked, hurried downstairs to find the bag, but it was already gone. 

“I was heartbroken,” Farrah said. “I was going through piles and piles of dirty bottles. I looked through them all. I even went to the corner and looked in the garbage can.”

Farrah then had to make the difficult decison to tell his wife, Maya Draisin, associate publisher of Wired Magazine, what happened. He said that Draisin “... handled it really well,” but added that “... there were some really beautiful clothes in there.”

The couple is offering a reward of $200 to anybody who can help them find the clothes.

Sources: New York PostDNAinfo / Photo Credit: New York Post

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