After Being Threatened With Lawsuit Over ‘Tall’ Fence, Man Puts This In His Backyard Instead

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When a California man heard the word “no” he stomped his feet and decided to make the people regret it. Neighbors asked him to lower the height of his fence, which was extremely high around his home in Santa Rosa. Because the man did not like to be told what to do or what was appropriate or not for his California home, he decided to get revenge on his neighbors and make sure they regretted ever telling him that the fence around his home was too high.

The man’s name who did this is Jason Windus. Because neighbors complained about the illegal height of his fence, he had to lower the privacy fence from nine feet to three feet. His original fence was a violation of the building code and neighbors didn’t like that he was breaking the law.


Windus was outraged that he had been ousted. Although he complied and lowered the height of his fence, he made sure his Santa Rosa neighbors would regret the day they pushed him to do it. He has since installed a racy display of nude mannequins as a way to punish the neighbors who asked him to change his fence.

“The way I see it, I mean you can cop a resentment, or you can have some fun with it. There is no sense in getting angry.”

Many people are calling Jason Windus entitled and bratty. His neighbors simply think he is immature for installing the naked mannequins in his front yard as a way to get revenge on the people he lives near.


“It’s a party. A part of naked mannequins,” Windus said. “I was thinking of even putting a barbecue out here.”

When people pass by Windus’s home, he makes sure they look at it. What used to be hidden behind his large fence now is on full display for all of Santa Rosa to see. And he loves getting so much attention. He loves it!

Although the short fence makes it easy for people to view his racy display of partying mannequins, Windus’s dogs are now free to escape. They are large and neighbors are worried.

Windus’s fence had been so large, it had the potential to kill people. Because drivers could not see anything at the intersection, his fence blocked visibility and increased the risk of a fatal car crash.


Although Windus now has to keep his dogs tied up if he wants them to be outside, he is glad that he has given his neighbors a chance to witness his full personality in bloom. He loves how people stop to photograph themselves in front of his property, as they watch his mannequins party and live their plastic lives to the fullest. While his dogs are becoming a menace, he hopes that the racy display of naked mannequins will get people to realize the value in minding their own business rather than trying to force their ways onto others.

What do you think about this situation? Should the neighbors have just let him lives his life? Or is his protest a form of entitlement?

Sources: AWM / Photo Credit: AWM

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