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Former Barista Slams 'Filthy' Starbucks Location (Photos)

A disgruntled former Starbucks employee in California has taken to Facebook to expose what he says are deplorable working conditions and substandard customer service.

Christian Brown uploaded his Facebook post on Nov. 27, shortly after being fired for "a valid reason." It has since received over 800 likes and has been shared more than 4,300 times.

"Here's my dirt on Starbucks, and let it be known, I can't speak for all Starbucks [restaurants], just the one on Elk-Grove and Bond, in Elk Grove, California," he wrote.

He goes on to list what appear to be serious health and safety violations. At one point, he says, the bathrooms in the restaurant were not cleaned for a period of four days.

"The soap dispenser had been empty for [three] days straight," he wrote. "Think about that next time you touch anything in that Starbucks. That means none of those customers were washing their hands."

Moreover, he says he witnessed a fellow employee use a toilet brush to scrub dishes.

"Here's a horror story for you, on [two] separate occasions, a barista used the bathroom toilet brush to clean dishes. Yeah, you read that right."

Brown insists many of the problems he witnessed can be attributed to the incompetence of new management. Such problems reportedly include unreasonably long wait times, drinks being made with the wrong ingredients and use of expired food.

Brown also included images to support his claims. Two of them show a milk wand that had become dark brown for lack of cleaning. Two others show different parts of the floor littered with garbage.

"Now this doesn't apply to all of the baristas and supervisors there," he added. "Some of them are good and hardworking people, but when your management is garbage there isn’t much that you can do. Especially when they put on an excellent front every time upper management comes in."

That particular Starbucks location passed a state health inspection in October, according to KPNX. Company spokesperson Reggie Borges issued a short statement in response to Brown's Facebook rant.

"We’re disappointed that this former partner was interested in portraying this store in a bad light," Borges said, adding, "We’ve made several visits and are confident this is not a regular issue."

Sources: Christian Brown/Facebook, KPNX / Photo credit: Christian Brown/Facebook

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