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Police Seize Drug Dealer's Car, Let Everybody Know (Photos)

Police got the last laugh after locking up a prominent drug dealer and seizing his belongings.

In a photo shared to Twitter, a police truck is seen proudly displaying its origin. 

A dealer who drove around and sold drugs out of his pickup truck was caught and thrown in jail, reports Mad World News. When police caught him, they seized many of his belongings, including the pickup truck. 

Rather than simply auctioning off the truck, as is common practice, the police department decided to use the truck themselves, while also letting everybody around town know what happens if you get caught selling drugs.

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"This vehicle belonged to a drug dealer: He went to jail and we are driving his car," the decal on the back of the pickup truck says.

This is not the first instance of thug-shaming, either.

In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, as part of a growing effort to get drug dealers off the streets, police proudly displayed decals to let citizens know just where they got their cars.

"This car seized from a drug dealer," the large decals read.

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Trevor Howley, Fifteenth Circuit Drug Enforcement Unit Deputy Commander, told WMBF that his unit seizes about 20 vehicles per year between the Myrtle Beach area and Atlanta. 

Many of the vehicles are put up for auction, while others are kept for the department. The department has raised roughly $80,000 by auctioning off vehicles seized from drug dealers.

Sources: Mad World NewsWMBF / Photo credit: Twitter via Mad World News, WMBF

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