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This African Grey Parrot Has A Pretty Spot-On James Bond Impression (Video)

A video featuring a red-tailed African Grey Parrot doing an impressive impression of James Bond is proof of how intelligent these birds are.

In the video below, it seems that Lottie the African Grey Parrot has been watching way too many James Bond movies.

Watch her say 007’s iconic introduction, “My name is Bond, James Bond,” with a spot-on English accent. She then starts whistling a few notes of the film’s famous theme song. To finish off her performance, Lottie blows a kiss and says, “What’s that all about?”

Check out this very talented bird below:

The reason Lottie can say “Bond” without lips is because parrots have two sets of vocal chords near their lungs, which enables them to make sounds like “p” and “b” despite having beaks, according to ninemsn.

African Greys are known as the "Einstein's" of the parrot world because of their incredible ability to mimic human speech.

Sources: Liftbump, ninemsn, African-Grey-Parrot.Com / Photo Credit: Screenshot via beads119/YouTube


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