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Adopted Boy and Grandfather Bond Over Missing Hands (Photo)

In a touching viral photo, an adopted child missing one hand meets his new grandfather, who has also lived without a hand.

Getting 4-year-old Kirill to his new home was no easy feat for Doug and Lesley Facey, a Canadian couple who first decided to adopt in 2012. After months of legal hurdles, the couple finally saw a photo of Kirill and immediately thought of Chris, Doug’s father.

“How could we say no to this little boy when I have grown up with someone who was the same all my life and it never bothered me or stopped him in one way or another,” Facey said, according to Buzzfeed.

In June, the Faceys made a trip to Karaganda, Russia, to visit Kirill.

“It was almost surreal, the meeting with him,” Facey said. “It was something that seemed to be so far off in the distance for the longest time, then the next thing we knew [we] were there.”

Kirill had been passed up several times for adoption, probably because of his hand. Even a judge in Kazakhstan asked if the Faceys really wanted to adopt the boy. Mr. Facey said he got upset at that point, since the couple had been asked the same question so many times.

In September, the Faceys finally brought Kirill to Canada. When Kirill met his new grandfather, the two bumped stumps.

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Sources: BuzzFeedCBC News / Photo credit: CBC News

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