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Actress Sparks Controversy Over 'Revealing' Golden Globes Outfit


The 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards featured a host of interesting red carpet looks, most of which were well-received. However, one looked sparked a flood of negative comments.

Kerry Washington’s Altuzarra gown was by far the most controversial looks of the night, and many people did not know what to make of it. The gown featured a knotted rope fixture that kept the gown up, and it had no bodice. Washington paired the gown with a blazer.


The dress also featured a high slit, and some started to speculate that the dress did not look like it was even finished.

However, others were quick to praise Washington, hailing her for choosing a look that was both daring and unsafe. They commended her on her boldness, stating that she made a statement with the look.

The negative comments kept pouring in, however, with some calling the dress trashy. They maintained that it was a far cry from Washington’s classy looks. Others commented that it looked as if the outfit had been thrown together at the very last minute.

Washington absolutely owned the dress, and proudly posed for the cameras, oblivious to the fact that her red carpet look was causing controversy among the viewers at home. During the entire time, Washington kept the blazer open, and never bothered to button it.


Altuzarra showcased their pride in the outfit by posting several pictures of Washington on their official Instagram account.

Despite the mixed reactions about her dress, viewers seemed to unanimously agree that Washington’s hair and makeup was top notch. Her hair was styled in a straight, chin-length bob which flattered her features, and wonderfully accentuated her beautiful face.

Washington is regarded as beautiful by many, which made some people feel like the dress was unbecoming of her. They consider her beauty and stature to be above the dress she chose for the night.


Washington’s lips were painted a bold, vibrant red color that greatly contrasted the color of her outfit. The dress showed off plenty of skin, and the red lip was absolutely eye-catching. She had perfectly arched brows, and donned a light, shimmering eye shadow.

This simple hair and makeup style made the dress even more captivating.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Instagram/indulgedarling, Instagram/altuzarra

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