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Actress Alyssa Milano Asks Her Fans To Join Her In A Sex Strike For This Cause (Video)

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More female celebrities are standing up against the recently passed anti-abortion laws across the United States. One of these celebrities is 46-year-old Alyssa Milano, who is best-known for her role in the television series Charmed.

The actress, who is also an activist, took to the social media platform Twitter to state her views on the abortion laws signed in Georgia just a week ago. This law, called the “heartbeat bill,” makes it illegal for women to have an abortion if a heartbeat can be detected in the womb. The heart usually starts beating during a woman’s sixth week of pregnancy.

In her Tweet, Milano wrote that women’s reproductive rights “are being erased” and that women cannot “risk pregnancy” until they have “legal control over their own bodies.” The actress further went on to encourage women to not have sex until they can get “bodily autonomy back.” Milano is also calling for a “#SexStrike” and is encouraging women to pass the message on.

Sunday, May 26, 2019 her hashtag trended on Twitter and now Milano’s tweet has over 17,000 likes and retweets.

The actress also added another tweet explaining her motives. In her follow-up Milano tweeted, “We can LOVE sex and fight for our body autonomy. There are lots of alternatives to cis men.” She also encouraged women to “protect [their] vaginas” as “men in positions of power are trying to legislate them.”

While there are fans who supported Milano’s strike, there are also users who disagreed with her message. A user tweeted in reply, “Bribing men for equal rights with access to our bodies is not how feminism works.”

Another tweet in protest to her tweet stated, “This makes it seem like sex is something women do as a favor to men, it also furthers the misogynist theory that women should be shamed for liking sex at all.”

Sources: Yahoo / Photo Credit: Google, Twitter/Alyssa Milano

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