Woman's Kind Act Toward Blind Cubs Fan Goes Viral (Photos)


A Facebook post about a woman's unsolicited act of kindness after a Chicago Cubs game has gone viral.

As thousands of Cubs fans filed out of Wrigley Field and onto the street after a game on the afternoon of June 3, a man named Ryan Hamilton saw a blind person attempting unsuccessfully to hail a cab.

Hamilton was situated on a rooftop across the street and was unable to help the blind man himself. However, a few minutes later, he saw a woman approach the man and offer to help. She stood with him until he managed to flag down a cab, at which point she gave him a hug and helped him inside.

Hamilton took a few pictures of the woman as she waited with the man on the sidewalk and posted them to Facebook later that evening.

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"Wanted to give a shout-out to this girl," he wrote in the text that accompanied the images. "No idea who she is, but we are in Wrigleyville on the rooftop of Old Crow Smokehouse. There was a blind Cubs fan trying to hail a cab for several minutes until the lady came up and asked him if he needed help hailing a cab. She stood there with him until one pulled up."

"Awesome to see such kindness in a world that the media portrays so much hate in," Hamilton added. "Share freely in hopes that her kindness spreads."

The post quickly went viral. As of June 8 it has over 16,000 likes and more than 5,000 shares. Hundreds of people posted comments, as well, commending the woman for her kindness.

"Good for her. This is how we are supposed to be with one another," one user wrote. "There is one race the human race and we need to help people of all walks of life. We all can learn a lot from her. Bravo."

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Another user stated that the blind man was a personal friend of his.

"The gentleman in this photo is a friend of mine," he commented. "I'd like to also give credit to a Chicago Police Officer. A year ago he and I were at the same place trying to get a ride home but it was after a Cubs game had let out. Roads were packed and we couldn't get a cab. A police officer standing by us stopped a random driver and asked him to give us a ride home, which he did. We were both shocked and extremely grateful to both the officer and our driver."

WLS managed to get in touch with the Good Samaritan, 26-year-old Casey Spelman. She explained that she was in the area with some friends when she noticed the man struggling to hail a cab.

"I didn't really think much of it at the time," Spelman said. "It was after a Cubs game and it was still pretty crowded. I thought, 'Man, it's going to take him a while.'"

She said she saw Hamilton's Facebook post in her news feed and hopes that the man she helped knows about it, too.

"I don't know if he knows how this went viral, or if he has Facebook even," she told WLS. "I just think he'd like to know."

Sources: Ryan Hamilton/Facebook, WLS / Photo credit: Bryan Hayes/Flickr, Ryan Hamilton/Facebook

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