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Puppy Is Trapped In Tar, Rescued By Good Samaritans (Video)

When a young dog was coated in hot tar, his body hardened into a heartbreaking statue. Trapped in a unbreakable prison, the canine's condition was dire until a dedicated animal rescue group intervened and saved his life (video below).

A stray 5-month-old puppy ran into rotten luck when it tumbled into a pool of hot tar on a construction site. In short order, the liquid hardened and paralyzed the pooch's entire body, rendering him immobile on the side of a road, Shareably reports.

A series of passersby ignored the frozen puppy, either indifferent to his terrible predicament or unable to recognize that a dog was entombed within the muck. Fortunately, one person recognized the urgency of the situation and contacted a group of rescuers.

Animal Aid Unlimited responded on the scene. An animal rescue and hospital center, the group is dedicated to helping out animals in need in India, according to their official Facebook page.

The charitable organization's stated purpose is to ensure that street animals "are rescued, healed, loved, and returned to the neighborhoods from where they came."

One the group's volunteers, Claire Abrams, was horrified when she found the dog on the roadside. Unable to break from his tar prison, the poor pooch was completely defenseless and would have perished on the ground if no one had come to his aid.

"There was no way he could have come out of his own, without any intervention," Abrams told CNN.

The rescuers soaked their hands in vegetable oil and patiently massaged the puppy's body, the tar covering his coat slowly ebbing away. The terrified dog's eye reportedly roved around as his rescuers gently ran their hands across his limbs.

The process took a full three hours, although it would take several days to completely rinse him of the nasty liquid.

Even though he had been snatched from the jaws of death, the canine was traumatized by his ordeal. When the rescuers took him to the hospital, he showed signs of shock.

"He was petrified and breathing heavily," Abrams said.

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Fortunately, the hospital's care eventually reinvigorated both the dog's body and spirit. On site, he happily wagged his tail while a volunteer fed him a long-overdue meal.

Thanks to the dedication and compassion of the Animal Aid Unlimited volunteers, the puppy is now vaccinated, healthy and happy.

Sources: Animal Aid Unlimited/Facebook, CNNShareably / Photo credit: Ruth Hartnup/Flickr, The Dodo

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