Abstinence-Only Parents Scream Against Sex Ed At School Board Meeting (Video)


A school board meeting on Oct. 20 in Omaha, Nebraska, on an optional sex education class ended early due to shouting by abstinence-only parents (video below).

The abstinence-only parents accused the school district of messing with their children and not consulting them about the proposed changes to the sex ed class, which children do not have to attend, notes KETV.

The Omaha Public School district currently teaches human biology, safe sex and birth control in the optional sex ed course.

The school district is considering adding lessons on sexual orientation, gender identity, emergency contraception and abortion to the course.

Megan Hunt, a parent who supports the changes, posted a video on her Facebook page of an abstinence-only mom screaming, "My daughter! My daughter! Who’s going to keep her pure? Nobody! I am! Not OPS! Not OPS!”

More than 1,500 people attended the school board meeting, reported KETV.

Hunt described the chaos to KMTV:

"During all the shouting, I was just sitting and kind of looking around because I felt like there was nothing productive to do, but sit and be civil and be respectful.

"When a thousand people come in, expecting to interrupt and be heard, that's a sure way to sabotage that. I mean, how is everybody going to get a chance on an open mic when there is that much disorder?

"I felt like all of our safety was a little bit threatened.

"This is the kind of turnout you can expect and I don't necessarily expect it to become violent, but it is something you have to prepare for."

Some of the pro-abstinence education parents claimed Planned Parenthood was behind the sex ed changes.

Dr. Karen Spencer-May, OPS supervisor of human growth and development, told KETV: "They've never been involved. We made a commitment to this community 30 years ago that we would not involve Planned Parenthood, so we haven't. It's just too controversial for us."

Sources: KETV, KMTV, Megan Hunt/Facebook / Photo credit: Megan Hunt/Facebook


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