9-Foot Alligator Found In Florida Swimming Pool (Video)


Craig Lear and his wife Laura discovered a 9-foot alligator in their swimming pool at their Lakeland, Florida, home on March 1 (video below).

"[Craig] thought, 'Why are there bubbles in the pool?'" Laura told ABC News.

The stay-at-home dad originally thought the bubbles were caused by a golf ball because they live on a golf course, but then noticed something at the bottom of his pool.

“It startled me at first, but I knew it wasn’t going to attack me,” Craig told WFLA.

The couple think the alligator came from a lake behind their home and broke in through a screen.

Craig made sure that his son and three cats weren't harmed, and then called the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which put him in touch with Scott Barbon, an alligator trapper.

Barbon came out to the home, put a lasso around the nearly 300-pound alligator's neck and pulled it out of the pool.

Laura told ABC News the alligator began "thrashing around" and caused waves in the pool.

"We didn’t know what the gator would do," Laura stated.

Barbon said that it took about an hour to drag reptile out of the pool, which he did without shoes.

“I don’t wear shoes because my feet get wet and my shoes get wet," Barbon added. "So, I stopped wearing them."

The alligator was subsequently put to death; the homeowners are not worried it might happen again.

"I don’t know what Mother Nature will do," Laura stated. "But I’m not scared. What are the odds?"

"This is what I see on the TV, not in my pool."

“It’s not a surprise that an alligator wound up in a swimming pool, it actually happens daily in Florida,” Gary Morse, of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, told WFLA.

Morse added that it was early for mating season, but the warm weather may be making the alligators active.

Sources: ABC News, WFLA / Photo credit: Laura Lear/YouTube

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