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'It's Stunning': New Jersey Residents Stumble Upon 87-Year-Old Handwritten Letter (Video)

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A mysterious letter discovered in New Jersey has piqued the interest of several Collingswood residents.

Adele Harman was opening the gate to her driveway on Thursday when she saw a piece of paper in the wind, FOX 29 reported (video below). Though initially she wasn't going to pick up the parcel, she saw writing on it and became curious. When she picked it up, she realized the page was actually a letter dated July 16, 1928.

Apparently, the nearly 100-year-old letter was written from a young boy at Ragged Mountain Camp in Andover, New Hampshire.

“My dearest mother, I am writing part of this now, but I don’t intend to mail it until I get your letter, unless I don’t get it soon,” the letter reads. “I got your letter, written the day before you sailed.”

The boy also wrote about canoeing and treasure hunts, which led Harman to suspect that the boy was probably from a wealthy family. Harman and her friend Tracy took to Facebook and posted about the letter.

The plot thickened when Joe Russell, another Collingswood, New Jersey, resident, saw the Facebook post and discovered the second page of the boy’s letter about a mile and a half away from Harman’s home.

“If it really just blew in the wind halfway across town in tact like this,” Russell told FOX 29, “it’s stunning.”

Despite having found two pages of the letter, it remains unfinished.

“Somebody may have lost it,” Harman said. “It got blown away, but it’s in really good condition, so we figured whoever had it may have cherished it.”

Hopefully a third person will discover another page and share the end of the story on Facebook.

Sources: Fox NewsGuldar

Photo Credit: Fox News 


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