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87-Year-Old Great-Grandmother Is Maine's Oldest Ambulance Driver (Video)

Many people dream of retiring and enjoying life at a slower pace, but 87-year-old Edna Mitchell isn’t one of them. She’s Maine’s oldest EMT and still drives an ambulance for work (video below).

In 1978, she completed her Emergency Medical Technician training and since then she has been volunteering at the Liberty Fire Department, USA Today reported. She works out every morning and has inspired a whole generation of EMTs. Two of her granddaughters and one of her great-granddaughters also work as emergency responders.

Although Mitchell’s contract expires in 2016 and she won’t seek a renewal, her colleagues are still happy to let her drive.

“It is my honor to run with Edna Mitchell,” Liberty Fire Chief Bill Gillespie told Rare. “People have a sense of relief to know that Edna is there. There’s been a lot of times Liberty Ambulance wouldn’t have rolled out the doors if it wasn’t for Edna. She is amazing. She is a tough, tough woman.”

Even when she does retire in December, it seems unlikely Mitchell will be driving like a grandma any time soon.

Sources: Rare, USA Today / Photo credit: Screenshot via HUMANKIND/YouTube


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