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7-Year-Old Saves Stray Newborn Kittens

Madison Broad of Strood, England, is just 7 years old, but she already knows she wants to be a veterinarian. She recently had her first opportunity to test her skills when she heard a faint cry coming from her parent’s garden.

“She came running in to tell me and my wife Sharon, so we went out to help her look,” Madison’s father, Richard told Kent Online.

“Sharon couldn’t hear anything and I thought I heard something but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from," he added. "After about an hour we gave up and came in for dinner. Madison was convinced something needed help and was determined to keep looking.”

That evening, Madison managed to find two small kittens behind the shed. 

“They were only hours old, making tiny crying and squeaking sounds and still had umbilical cords. They were absolutely covered in blood and had ants crawling all over them,” Richard said.

Madison sprang into action.

“She was so organized," Richard said, "she said to me ‘daddy, call (animal care society) put the towels in the microwave and get them hot, we need to warm the kittens up.’”

Richard added: “She put me to shame, truthfully.”

Madison’s family took the kittens to a pet hospital, where they were cleaned and warmed up. Veterinarians taught Madison how to feed the tiny kittens.

“We wouldn’t normally let Madison stay up so late but she really wanted to help," Richard said. "She offered to sit up with them all night but they need such constant care the (animal care society) recommended they take them to be reared by a surrogate mother.”

Madison plans to adopt the kittens when they’re 6 weeks old. She believes she was supposed to rescue the kittens.

“I was meant to find them,” she told Kent Online. “They needed me.”

Madison has not picked a name for her new pets yet.

Stray Aid and Rescue recommends people take any found kittens to a veterinarian for a full check-up before potentially deciding to adopt a new pet.

Sources: Kent Online, Stray Aid and Rescue

Photo Credit: Kent Online


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