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7-Year-Old Girl Performs Perfect Taylor Swift Impression (Video)

Xia Vigor, 7, recently performed her impression of Taylor Swift's hit "You Belong With Me" on the Filipino TV show "Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids" (video below).

In addition to Swift's song, Xia also did the singer's hair flip and fake shocked expression. Her performance also included an on-stage costume change midway through the 2008 tune.

After winning over the judges, Xia gave an interview as Swift to the show's host, whom she called "Billy Boy."

She told him that the Philippines is "very hot!"

The pint-sized performer blew kisses to her fans, and added, "Oh, I love you too."

One of the judges told the little girl that she was "awesome," while a second judge called her "charming" and said she did an "excellent performance." A third judge told Xia that she was a "show-stopper."

According to Metro, Xia is originally from Exeter, England.

She later tweeted to Swift's fans: "Wanna take this moment to thanks Swifties for the overloading support. We LOVE YAGUYS!"

The normally snarky Daily Mail praised the tyke in its headline: "A star is born! Fearless British schoolgirl, 7, stuns viewers on Filipino talent show with amazing impersonation of Taylor Swift (and she's even dressed in the singer's band uniform and wig)."

The news site notes that Xia won a Mini Me child talent competition as Selena Gomez in the Philippines in 2015 when she sang, "Love You Like A Love Song."

Her Gomez impression won her $6,000 (which probably covered her and her parents' flight), and has reportedly been viewed on YouTube over 300 million times.

After Xia won the talent competition, she co-hosted her own TV segment, and starred in a TV commercial for powdered milk.

Xia has almost 120,000 followers on Instagram, where she posts pictures of herself playing musical instruments.

Sources: Metro, Daily MailYour Face Sounds Familiar/YouTube / Photo credit: Your Face Sounds Familiar/YouTube

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