7-Eleven Customer Impressed By Sign Posted Outside Establishment

A man was so moved by a sign he saw on the front of a local 7-Eleven that he decided to stop and take a picture of it. Now, less than 12 hours after it was published online,  the picture has gone viral.

A Reddit user by the name "Imploder" said he had gone into a local 7-Eleven for a slurpee and noticed the sign.

“Went in to get a Slurpee and noticed this sign on my way out,” he wrote. “Good on you 7/11.”

Another user was quick to point out that there was a distinction between 7-Eleven posting a sign like that and an individual franchisee posting it.

“That's not a 7-11 sign,” the user wrote. “That was put up by the individual franchisee who owns that store. Corporate doesn't give away food.” 

Either way, regardless of whose sign that is, it’s nice that someone would opt to promote such a policy in the first place. 

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Source: Reddit

​Photo Credit: Reddit


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