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64-Year-Old Model Shows Off Stunning Body In Pics (Photos)

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An actress in incredible physical shape at the age of 64 has posted pictures of her naked body to social media, impressing her fans. 

Graciela Ines Alfano Casanova, known as Graciela Alfano, is an Argentine actress, model and TV presenter.

She posted pictures of her naked body to Twitter and Instagram against the backdrop of her home in the city of Villa Carlos Paz, the Daily Mail reports. She is known to frequently share body-revealing shots. 

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Her caption for the pictures reads: "This is the result of a healthy life."

The shots center on a toned, slender body but some social media users stated there must be more to her age-defying beauty than just healthy living. 

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One user wrote: "A healthy life... and silicon, liposuction, surgery, Photoshop."

Another added: "Healthy life? And a thousand surgeries?"

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According to The Sun, people heaped praises on Alfano by writing things like: "Wowwwww!! I want to be like you! Give us the recipe!! You are unique."

Alfano is presently starring in the musical "Los Corruptelli," where she plays the role of a corruption investigator.

The model and actress became famous for starring in comedic roles between the late 1970s and early 1980s, which helped her become a sex icon.

She has also served as a judge on the talent show "Dancing for a Dream" in Argentina.

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