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This 6-Year-Old's Misunderstanding Of The Word 'Meaning' Is Priceless (Video)

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A 6-year-old boy in England mistook the word “meaning” for “mean” – and his reaction is priceless.

In a video (shown below) that garnered more than 600,000 views in just one day, a daughter is seen leaving a video message for her mother, and puts the camera on her two brothers.

“Hi mom, it’s just me and Logan,” the girl says in the video. “George is meaning to say hello, but here he is.”

George, the off-camera youngster, suddenly snaps at his sister – believing that she’d just called him mean.

“I’m not mean!” he exclaims. 

“George, I said you’re ‘meaning,'” his sister replies.

“I’m not mean!” George repeats as he becomes more and more upset.

George’s sister attempts to clarify her remark and assures him that she doesn’t think he’s mean, but he becomes too emotional and ran off.

Response to the video on Reddit summed up just about everyone’s opinion that children can sometimes be fantastically entertaining.

“I love how wounded he sounds as he runs away. It's like one of those cliche moments in a romantic comedy where everything could be easily explained if they just talked about it. God, kids can be great,” Redditor VeryKool said. 

“I love the moment when the sister realizes why he said 'I am not mean.' At first she is like 'Why did he just randomly say that' and then it clicks,” SIIUP added.

“I love how Logan doesn't seem to care about any of this and doesn't say anything until the end,” viewer ZackBrian pointed out.

Unless you’re Logan, it’s almost impossible not to be amused by George’s misunderstanding. Watch the hilarious moment below.

Sources: Reddit, YouTube

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