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6-Year-Old Girl Makes Amazing Trick Shots (Video)

A 6-year-old girl appears in a viral video (below) making amazing trick shots with ordinary household items.

Riley Dashwood was filmed by her father, Rhett, pulling off the amazing stunts, which include over-the-back tosses of toast into a toaster, DVD into a player and milk into a refrigerator.

"I'm usually recording on my iPhone and she sees my face and then she gets the idea that it's gone in," Rhett told Daily Mail Australia.

Riley, from Melbourne, Australia, was inspired to do her tricks after watching a YouTube video by user "Hi Josh" who did similar tricks.

"Because she couldn't look, towards the end when we were trying more difficult ones, she'd focus on a point in front of her and try and aim her arm," Rhett added.

It took about three weeks to get all the shots right. The video (below) featuring Riley's hits and misses was also posted on YouTube.

Riley added, "My favorite one was the when I put the spoons together and it made it in the cup."

A tennis ball that Riley tossed into a container took more than 300 tries during a span of four days.

"I thought, this is a good way for us to bond and to get together and have a project we can both work on," Rhett told Mashable Australia. "It started over a year ago now, and ever since we just make one when we feel the desire to."

Sources: Daily MailMashable Australia / Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot


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