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50 Cent Punches Fan In Front Row (Video)

Video of rap mogul 50 Cent throwing a punch into the front row of his crowd during a concert is going viral (video below).

The video was uploaded to YouTube by TMZ. It shows 50 Cent rapping at a concert with The LOX at Baltimore Soundstage, TMZ reported.

The rapper is seen reaching out towards the crowd with his hand. A few fans can be seen grabbing the his hand. He is then pulled down from the stage, and throws a punch at one of the concertgoers.

The punch appears to land on a woman in a flower-patterned dress, although the recording is quite dark, making it hard to see. The rapper is able to free himself from the crowd's grasp, and then proceeds to invite the woman on stage. She then twerks while the rappers continue the concert.

Reactions to the video were mixed among social media users. While many users were disgusted with 50 Cent's actions, some defended the rapper, as it appeared one of the fans might have been reaching for his watch.

"She went in on that watch in the beginning watch closely," wrote one observer.

"I think at first 50 thought it was a guy who pulled him down then with his natural reflexes he just reacted like that until he realized oh s*** she's a woman," wrote another commenter. "He thought he was in danger as he was being pulled off stage, his instincts kicked in and he hit the person. It was overreaction."

"He def thought it was a guy when he punched," wrote another. "He invited her on stage and gave her special privilege After realizing it was a woman because he didn't want a lawsuit and the media calling him a woman beater.. very smart Curtis."

Other commenters were not sympathetic toward the woman who had pulled 50 Cent off the stage.

"She got punched and then she twerked for them. I can't feel sorry for her when she chooses not to have any self respect like this," wrote the user. "She was wrong why would you pull him of the stage like that kmt some fans go way to far just because there know if the artist Assaults them there can get money I think it was a mistake if he had fell he would of fell face down so that was his only reaction to balance and stop him from falling…"

Other users made reference to Pepsi's pulled ad featuring Kendall Jenner.

"That's what I wanna do everytime I get hit by a guy...TWERK! That or a Pepsi, it solves everything," quipped the tweeter.

Sources: TMZ, TMZ/YouTube / Photo credit: Tiger Direct/Flickr

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