5-Year-Old Boy Takes Wild Car Ride With Pro Racing Dad (Video)


Anton Avdeyev recently took his 5-year-old son, Timofey, for a wild ride on a race track (video below).

Anton, who is a professional race car driver in Almaty, Kazakhstan, did some high-speed drifting in a jazzed-up Toyota, notes RT.com.

There were no other cars present during the video, which was shot with two GoPro cameras and one cameraman.

According to Anton, his tires were worn through after the trip, but his son enjoyed the drive.

"Smoke in the vehicle, heat, flies, he's still pleased," Anton wrote on Instagram, notes RT.com.

Mashable notes that Anton has been taking Timofey on these vehicular spins since 2013, and Timofey's reactions have evolved to enjoyment.

Sources: RT.com, Mashable, Instagram (2) / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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