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49ers Fans Cheer For Colin Kaepernick To Play (Video)

San Francisco 49ers fans cheered for quarterback Colin Kaepernick to take the field during a game against the Arizona Cardinals on Oct. 6 in Santa Clara, California (video below).

The crowd repeatedly chanted, "We Want Kaep!" notes

Kaepernick was booed by the same fans on Sept. 12 during the first home game of the season, says the Los Angeles Times, for peacefully protesting against police brutality and racism by kneeling during the national anthem.

His silent demonstrations have been repeated by other NFL players, college players, high school players, more high school players and college cheerleaders.

However, supermodel Kate Upton was horrified by the kneeling and some Santa Clara police officers have threatened not to work 49ers games.

Kaepernick was not put into the Oct. 6 game, which the 49ers lost 33-21 to the Cardinals.

According to the 49ers website, head coach Chip Kelly said after the game that he is considering lineup changes:

We’re 1-4. We’ve got to make sure we’re giving ourselves the best chance to win, so we’re going to look at everything ... There’s a couple drives that I thought we did a nice job on, but not enough to win a football game. I don’t think we protected well enough. I don’t think we threw it well enough. I don’t think we – we had too many drops – too many interceptions. It’s our entire group.

49ers quarterback Blaine Gabbert added that he is going to keep working the same way:

It’s extremely frustrating. I let this team and this organization down tonight. I did not play good whatsoever. And that’s on me. I had two crucial turnovers that led to points for the Cardinals and that was the difference in the game right there.

I gotta play better, there’s no question about that. I have to do a better job leading this football team, executing this offense, scoring points [and] winning games. The whole nine yards.

[I’m going to] keep working the way I’ve been working. [We’ve] got to find a way to get a win next week. It’s a huge game for us. We have an extended weekend, but this is a weekend that we have to work and get our minds and bodies prepared to travel to the east coast and play a good football team.

Sources:, 49ers.comLos Angeles Times / Photo credit: Anand Iyer/Twitter via YouTube

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