4-Year-Old Orders Pizza, Coffee For Police Officers Involved In Standoff


A 4-year-old Yukon, Oklahoma, boy was praised after delivering pizza and coffee to police officers stuck in a standoff that lasted for hours.

Colt Vinson was with his mother when he noticed officers standing outside in the cold during an intense standoff.

“They needed coffee and pizza,” Colt said, reported KFOR. 

The boy asked his mother to call Domino’s, which donated five pizzas. The 7-Eleven down the street contributed 52 cups of coffee.

“You don't want your kids to be afraid of a police officer,” Jillian Vinson said of her son’s thoughtful act. "It's really cool that he can just go up to one and think of them as a friend instead of an enemy."

The officers involved in the standoff said they were appreciative of Colt’s caring gesture.

“Really, thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” officer Robert Gilmore told KFOR. 

“We really live in a great city and the people of the city really support law enforcement and that's a really good feeling in today's time," he said. "It's really, really nice to know that there's a young man out there that maybe wants to grow up and be a police officer just like we are.”

The 16-hour standoff, which occurred when 46-year-old Daniel Harris barricaded himself in a garage after a bail bondsman attempted to serve him a warrant, ended with his arrest.

Sources: Daily Mail, KFOR / Photo credit: KFOR

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