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4-Year-Old Girl Spends All Her Money To Feed Homeless Man

Social media users are showering a 4-year-old English girl with praise after she used all of her money to buy a homeless man a hot meal.

On Nov. 8, Rhoda Kirkpatrick, her daughter, Lola, and her partner, who is a soldier, attended a nearby parade to honor service members, Metro reports. On the way home, Rhoda and Lola walked through nearby shops, when Lola noticed a man sitting on the cold sidewalk outside a nail salon and asked her mother why he was there.

Rhoda explained that the man had no home.

"She has seen people pass down money to homeless people before and asked if she could do the same," Rhoda told Metro. "Although proud of her intention, I said no only because (as I explained to Lola) sometimes they might use it for 'naughty things' rather than food."

Lola thought about it and pointed to a nearby bakery.

"Well if I buy the food he can’t get the naughty things," she told her mother.

The pair went to the bakery, where Lola used her money to buy a sausage roll — "a warm one to warm his belly — because it’s rainy and cold today," Lola explained.

The mother and daughter then approached the homeless man. Lola was nervous, according to a member of the Facebook group Spotted Portsmouth who reportedly witnessed the good deed.

"My daughter saw you had no home and spent all her pocket money on buying you food," Rhoda said, according to the Facebook post.

Both Rhoda and the witness noticed that the man had tears of gratitude in his eyes when she gave him the traditional English sausage meat and pastry snack.

"As he repeatedly said thank you, I knew it was something he wouldn’t forget," Rhoda told Metro. "I know I won’t. I’ve never been prouder of her."

The story has spread around social media, and the original post has more than 5,000 likes.

"This was a beautiful thing that actually made my day and made me have faith in the future generations," the post reads.

The Facebook responses were overwhelmingly positive.

"You should be proud of both your little girl and yourself for bringing up such a wonderful and kind child, God bless you both xx," Facebook user Andrea Newcombe commented.

Sources: Metro, Spotted Portsmouth/Facebook / Photo credit: Spotted Portsmouth/Facebook

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