Woman With Down Syndrome Retiring From McDonald's

A McDonald's worker with Down syndrome is retiring after 32 years. 

USA Today reports that Freia David began working at McDonald' in 1984. She got a job at the Needham, Massachusetts, McDonald's location through the Charles River Center in Needham. The Charles River Center is a support home for adults with disabilities.  

David was one of the first people at the facility to be placed in a job. She has worked the deep fryer her entire career. 

"I make a lot of fries," David said. 

The story went viral on Reddit, where users have racked up almost 500 comments in a single day.  

One user wrote, "I think it's awesome reading all the other people who have witnessed this at McDonald's. I grew up in southern California and a local McDonald's had an employee with down syndrome and was a spectacular employee and super friendly to all the customers."

Another added, "Our local wendy's has had the same lady with down syndrome working there for decades. She's nuttier than a holiday fruit cake... she'll walk up to your table "I like oranges" and then walk away. But that hasn't stopped her from basically running the entire restaurant. She's been there longer than any of the other employees and keeps the entire place spotless." 

The McDonald's in Needham threw David a retirement party.  While she admits she will miss her friends, David claims that she is looking forward to retirement.  

"I get to relax and take care of myself," she said. 

Sources: USA Today, Uplifting News/Reddit / Photo credit: WBZ Boston News/Twitter

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