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Teacher Recognizes Student 30 Years Later (Video)

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Roughly thirty years ago, a kindergarten teacher had her students pose for a picture in class. When she looked back at the photo recently, she realized she recognized one of the students from television. That's when she decided to track him down (video below).

In May 2015, former teacher Lorly Schik sent a letter to the parents of Cory Hepola, a news reporter for KARE-11 in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

"Hi Diane and Terry," Lorly Schik wrote in her letter. "It is with a great deal of pride that I am now watching my former kindergarten student telecast the news on KARE-11. I still picture him as a small, dark-haired child in his K-desk!"

"I told my mom immediately, 'I've got to see her,'" Hepola said, according to "I couldn't wait, to be honest. I wanted to give her a hug and tell her, 'Thank you for everything.'"

Hepola eventually visited Schik at her home and captured the heartwarming moment on video for a news segment. During the reunion, the two reminisced about his kindergarten days and her long career as a school teacher.

Schik began teaching in the 1940s and taught until the late 1980s, according to USA Today. Hepola was in her second-to-last class of her long career, and she instantly recognized him as the cute kid with dark hair when she saw him on the KARE broadcast.

"I just had to tell them how proud I am,” Schik told USA Today.

And once Hepola got word of her letter, he felt the same way.

"I just had to tell Mrs. Schik how much her note meant to me," Hepola said. "And, really, how much she meant to me."

Sources: USA Today, Today / Photo Credit: USA Today/YouTube

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