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3-Year-Old's Shocking Obituary Goes Viral (Photos)


A 3-year-old’s obituary went viral after a particular section caused outrage among people on social media.

The portion of the obituary that sparked controversy came at the end, before listing the toddler’s surviving family members.

“His uncle Charlie taught him how to keep that pimp hand strong,” the obituary read.

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“No f******* way. This has to be a joke right?” Redditor SonicBroom asked.

“It's no joke. It's actually really sad and pathetic,” the original poster, Trickyknowsbest, replied. “The kid's mom is in jail and his dad is dead. His grandpa was taking care of him and the kid was killed by a pitbull in a friends (sic) backyard.”

“The saddest part about this is the fact it's an obituary for a three year old kid,” Earths_Mortician added.

Sources: Reddit, Imgur

Photo Credit: Imgur


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