Watch: 3-Month-Old Baby Tells Dad 'I Love You' (Video)

New Jersey man Ted Moskalenko was pleasantly surprised when his 3-month-old son said “I love you” in a video that has recently gone viral (video below).

In the video, Moskalenko makes typical “baby” sounds as he talks to his son Ben. Moskalenko is apparently hoping to get a reaction from Ben, who is sitting on his father’s lap.

Ben initially makes screeching noises until Moskalenko says he loves him. Then, Ben goes silent.

Ben moves his hands in front of him, then seemingly replies with, “I love you.”

Moskalenko appears entirely shocked by the interaction, then looks at his wife, who’s filming, and smiles. Ben then smiles, too.

“My baby boy Ben said ‘I love you’ for the first time,” the video’s description reads. “Good thing my wife had the camera rolling…Our lovely boy is growing faster than we can keep up!”

Many YouTube commenters have praised the child.

“I love how excited the baby gets in the last frame, when he sees his dad’s reaction,” one commenter wrote. “Amazing!”

The video has been viewed over 300,000 times since it was uploaded two weeks ago.

Although most children don’t begin speaking until 18 months, a few videos have been uploaded of exceptional babies, according to the Daily Mail. In March, a baby named Ariana Sufi in London said “I love you” at just 7 weeks. Another baby, Cillian McCann, stunned his parents when he also said “I love you” at 7 weeks. 

Sources: DailyMail, Today

Photo Credit: Twitter


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