2-Year-Old Devastated That She Can't Have A Football Player As Her Boyfriend (Video)


A 2-year-old girl from Millry, Alabama, who fell head over heels for a football player broke down in tears and became very upset when she was told she did not, and could not, have a boyfriend. Her parents caught the exchange on video, posted it to Facebook, and it has since gone viral (video below).

On Sept. 5, Kennedy Kirkland, 2, wore a University of West Alabama cheerleader uniform to the team’s game she attended with her family, The Daily Mail reports.

At the game, Kennedy fell head over heels for one of the players, Jared, who just happens to be her uncle’s roommate.

The next day, Kennedy told her parents that Jared was her boyfriend. They told her he was not and that she could not have a boyfriend until she is 50.

Her mother, Chelsea, recorded the conversation between herself, Kennedy, and her father.

“Who is Jared?” Chelsea asks Kennedy in the video.

“My boyfriend,” Kennedy replies.

“You don’t have a boyfriend,” her father says.

Kennedy firmly disagrees with him.

When her father repeats that she does not have a boyfriend, the crying and tears start flowing from Kennedy.

“What’s wrong with you?” Chelsea asks Kennedy.

Kennedy, unable to get the words out, mumbles that she does have a boyfriend — or close to it.

“What’s his name?” Chelsea asks.

“Jared,” Kennedy replies.

Chelsea laughs in response.

“You don’t have a boyfriend,” her father repeats.

“I do,” Kennedy says, quite seriously.

“You’re not allowed to have a boyfriend ‘til you’re 50,” her father says.

Kennedy’s upset response is to slap her father off-camera and give him a dead-pan stare of defiance.

She slaps him again after he repeats that she does not have a boyfriend and then the waterworks and crying start back up again.

"She loves arguing with her daddy and she fake-cries over stuff all the time to get more attention," Chelsea told ABC News. "We literally live in a one-gas-station, one-red-light town. It's very small and I usually get 30 or 40 ‘likes’ on a video. I have no idea how it got out as much as it did."

The video has been viewed more than 7 million times on Facebook.

Chelsea plans to keep the video to show Kennedy when she is older and allowed to date.

"For now, to satisfy her, he said 50 is OK," Chelsea said, referring to Kennedy’s father. "We'll definitely keep this [video] for when she gets older, goes on her first date or gets married."

Sources: The Daily Mail, ABC News / Photo credit: The Daily Mail


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