Prince's And 'Purple Rain' Muse's Deaths Eerily Similar


An April 1983 Rolling Stone magazine cover of Prince and his then-girlfriend has caught international attention for the similarities in their deaths.

Prince's former partner, Denise Matthews, who went by the stage name Vanity, died in February at age 57 due to kidney failure after years of drug use, the Daily Mail reports.

Prince, whose full name was Prince Rogers Nelson, died April 21 at age 57 as well.

Matthews inspired Prince's famous song, "Purple Rain," People Magazine reports.

Prince would later play "Little Red Corvette" in her honor when she died Feb. 15.

While authorities are still trying to determine the cause of Prince's death, TMZ reports Prince had been treated for a drug overdose only six days before he died.

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Prince and Matthews dated during the 1980s when Prince partied hard and excessively used drugs before later becoming a Jehovah’s Witness.

Denise Matthews was part of the Prince-run group, Vanity 6, when she met and dated the man.

Unfortunately for Vanity, her crack and cocaine use led to renal failure that nearly took her life in 1994.

Like Prince, she underwent a spiritual transformation and became a born-again Christian after a kidney transplant, but by that point, her health problems were too severe to go away.

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“Sinking down into deep depression I camouflaged my pain with even more makeup and a fake smile,” Matthews wrote of her drug-filled past in her memoir, "Blame it on Vanity."

She spent many years being treated by doctors and hospitals for a myriad of health problems, ranging from a heart attack to blood clots in the brain.

Before she died, she had reportedly set up a GoFundMe page to pay for her medical bills. She had only raised $6,709 towards her goal of $50,000 when she passed away.

“My Nephrologist told me Friday afternoon that i did not have Pancreatitis and that is good news however the bad news is they say i have Sclerosis Encapsulating Peritonitis,” her last update on the page read before she died. “I thought the first diagnosis was weird because i was never a drinker nor have i ever been drunk in my whole life, that was not my drug of choice back in the day.”

Sources: Daily Mail, People,TMZ / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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