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19-Year-Old Boy Offered Job, Bike From Kind Strangers

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When 19-year-old Ladarrius Gilmore went job hunting recently, he never expected the acts of kindness he received from strangers.

Gilmore had heard from a friend that Central BBQ, a restaurant half an hour from his house by foot, was hiring a dishwasher. Determined to get the job, Gilmore began walking in the summer heat and fully dressed in a suit to the restaurant - including carrying his dress shoes in his hands.

“Yes, it was hot,” Gilmore said. “I was sweating.”

Memphis, Tennessee, Attorney Daniel Hamilton saw Gilmore walking down the street and offered the 19-year-old a ride. Hamilton was so moved by Gilmore’s motivation that he even sat with Gilmore through the interview.

When Gilmore arrived, he was hired by restaurant manager Tom Strange on the spot.

“I said ‘thank you for giving me a job,’” Gilmore said. “God would bless him for that.”

Hamilton later shared the story on Facebook in order to inspire others. When the story went viral, John Hodge from Contracting Solutions gave Gilmore a bike to ride to work.

Hamilton noted that good people like Gilmore are “quietly” fighting the odds every day to live for a better tomorrow. 

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Photo Credit: Lift Bump, MadWorldNews


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