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Jackie Evancho 'Disappointed' In Trump On Trans Issue

Jackie Evancho, a teen pop star who performed at President Donald Trump's inauguration, says she is "obviously disappointed" in the president for his decision to revoke federal guidelines protecting transgender students.

Jackie, who performed the national anthem at Trump's inauguration, has taken to Twitter to express her disappointment in the president for his decision to leave the transgender student bathroom policy up to the states to decide. 

According to Fox News, the 16-year-old has a transgender sister. She wrote on her Twitter page that she was "obviously disappointed" in Trump's decision.

"I am obviously disappointed in the [president's] decision to send the #transgender bathroom issue to the states to decide. #sisterlove," Jackie tweeted.

She also tweeted at the president, asking him to meet with her sister to discuss the issue. She wrote, "[Trump] u gave me the honor 2 sing at your inauguration. Pls give me & my sis the honor 2 meet with u 2 talk #transgender rights."

The teen appeared on "Good Morning America" to discuss the issue, according to ABC News. 

"The reason why I did sing for the inauguration was not politics," she said. "It was for the honor and privilege to perform for my country an that will stay the same I think."

Jackie continued to express her concerns over Trump's decision on the transgender bathroom issue and discuss why she wants the president to meet with her sister.

"I guess I just want to enlighten him on what my sister, I've seen her go through every single day in school and people just like her, what they deal with," the singer said. "The discrimination, it's terrible."

Jackie's sister, Juliet Evancho, spoke about the issue as well, saying that she would want to explain to Trump what it's like being a transgender student.

"Basically that being at a high school where the policies on the bathroom are unclear, I, as Jackie has said, I kind of live it every day, going through discrimination," Juliet said she would tell the president. "I've had things thrown at me. I've had people say pretty horrible things and the unsafe environment is just very unhealthy so I feel like Donald Trump needs to know that being in such an unsafe environment won't do any good not only for the transgenders and the LGBTQ community but as well as everyone as a whole."

Juliet added, "When I heard about it I was very disappointed and I realized that we would need to take action in order to enlighten the administration on everything."

Sources: Fox NewsABC News / Photo credit: PennLive

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