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15-Year-Old Girl 'Disgusted' After Being Sent Home From School For Wearing This (Photo)


An unnamed teacher from Lawrence County High School is facing criticism from one of the school’s students due to her allegedly “humiliating” approach in reprimanding the student for her outfit.

15-year-old Courtney Robertson took to Twitter to defend herself, saying “My teacher acted like I was a whore and spoke to me nastily...” Robertson then attached a picture of her reflection in the mirror, showing her outfit which consisted of a blue shirt with sleeves and white denim overalls. In her tweet, Robertson also stated that she told her teacher she was following the school’s dress code even though she was still sent home.

In an interview, Robertson mentioned how other girls in her school frequently wear shoulder less tops, “booty” shorts, and cropped tops but don’t get sent home. Robertson has been facing problems with her body image and has never been confident with her own body. The day she wore her overalls was supposedly a day where she finally felt comfortable and happy with her own skin. Instead, she was made to feel humiliated and disgusted with herself.

Robertson, after being reprimanded by her teacher, was also sent to the main office and was informed by the school’s vice principal that her overalls were too short. In an interview, the school’s principal, Christy Moore, explained the school’s dress code regarding shorts and skirts. She said these garments should be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee.


However, Robertson is adamant that other girls with shorter items of clothing compared to her overalls have never been reprimanded and humiliated.

Robertson’s mother is also filing a complaint with the school’s board. Even if Robertson’s overalls were indeed too short, the issue lies with the way the situation was handled, with the way her teacher spoke to her and the school’s disregard for other girls’ outfits. 

Sources: Yahoo / Photo Credit: Courtney Robertson/Twitter

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