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15-Year-Old Actress Stirs Controversy Over 'Mature' Outfit On Red Carpet


The 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Award featured a number of red carpet looks, with some drawing immense criticism online. Millie Bobby Brown’s red carpet look was harshly criticized, with many calling it too “mature” for her age.

The “Stranger Things” actress, who was among the first mega-stars on the red carpet, was dressed in a Louis Vuitton trouser and coat-dress ensemble. While she usually favors the luxury French fashion house designs, she instead chose minimal makeup and accessorized with Cartier diamonds.

Brown told reporters that the look was created especially for her by the Louis Vuitton team, bringing her androgynous high-fashion idea to life.

“It’s everything I kind of wanted. I definitely wanted to go for a masculine, but very feminine look - and they got it right as per usual,” she told People.


She revealed that her life had changed dramatically since she started playing “Eleven” on Stranger Things in 2016.

“It’s changed drastically. It’s also been my forming years of being a teenager. I think I’m becoming’s difficult because I’m still growing,” she said.

While many complimented Brown’s look, others criticized Brown and her team for the look they deemed “inappropriate” for a teenage girl.

One Twitter user stated, “Millie Bobby Brown’s stylist should be sacked. She is just 15-years-old but looked at least 30 at the SAG awards last night. So disturbing.”

Another wrote: “Her makeup and dress is what aged her, but to be honest, this isn’t the first time her team has put her in something that makes her look twice her actual age. I think they’re trying to brand her in a mature image, but it’s definitely cringey to see.”


“Too much cleavage on a child’s outfit,” another stated.

Another came to Brown’s defense: “Funny how people can say stuff about Millie Bobby Brown being young, but they are quite happy to talk crap her. If you think she should act like a child then stop attacking her, she is after all just 15 and yet some people feel it's ok to insult her.”

“All you weirdos complaining about a 15-year-old’s outfit that she obviously feels comfortable in, please get off the internet. We created this society - stop being mad at women and young girls for committing to the bit,” another wrote.

“Y’all are literally bashing this girl for looking better than all of y’all. Who cares if she’s 15? Stop shaming her for looking nice,” yet another stated.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Twitter/Eva, Twitter/Miranda Priestly's Hair

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