15 Million Girls Worldwide Become Child Brides Annually


Why Is Child Marriage Still Legal?Posted by Opposing Views on Friday, April 8, 2016

Every year, 15 million young girls are forced against their will to become child brides -- and some of them live right here in America:

Every year, 15 million girls worldwide become child brides. Child marriage is still legal in 47% of the world’s countries, including America, where every year roughly 20 children ages 10 to 15 are married with parental consent. This footage is from a social media experiment conducted to spread awareness. Two actors find out what Americans think of child marriage. 1 of every 9 kids worldwide will be married before the age of 15. These kids are robbed of their adolescence and their opportunity. In many cases, they die of complications related to pregnancy or STDs. Unless something changes, 150 million girls under 18 will be married over the next decade.

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