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Watch: 14-Year-Old Girl Curses, Punches Boy In The Face (Video)

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A 14-year-old girl was charged for punching a boy in the face after berating and bullying him.

The girl was seen in a video of the incident, posted below, confronting a teen boy and using foul, hostile language towards him.

“Are you going to cry? Are you going to cry?” the girl asks mockingly in the video. She continually berates him and becomes increasingly angry as the video progresses, making threats towards him and even getting physical. The girl made a reference to drug dealing, seemingly warning him not to sell drugs in her area.

“Don't piss me off or I will have you on the floor, you understand? Don't even piss me off,” she yells. “‘You best fix up, sort yourself out, and when my bredren [sic] or anyone on this estate comes for a draw you're not giving them dust, you understand?”

The girl ultimately punches the boy in the face.

According to reports, authorities were made aware of the video shortly after it was uploaded, and an investigation was launched. The 14-year-old girl was subsequently arrested and charged with assault by beating.

“So much respect for that young man, what a star, certainly been brought up the right way. As for her, she is disgusting, (her) parents must be so proud she has turned into a vile little trollop,” one Facebook user said in response to the video.

“I really respect that lad for keeping his cool however it's so frustrating that she thinks that she can walk all over him like that, and then she'd probably complain if he defended himself and hit her back,” another added.

Watch the intense confrontation below.

Warning: Strong Language

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Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube

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