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12-Year-Old Girl With Cancer Isn't Prepared For Heartwarming Actions Of UCLA Frat

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Lexi Brown, 12, has been battling cancer since June 2014. On Oct. 30, she was placed in a hospital room overlooking the University of California, Los Angeles, Sigma Alpha Epsilon House.

In an effort to distract from Lexi’s diagnosis, she and her mom, Lisa, placed a sign in the hospital window requesting pizza, NBC News reports.

The two had no idea the young men of SAE would see the sign and decide to make Lexi’s wish for pizza come true.

“Five guys come in, and they had a guitar and dozen roses and a box of pizza,” Lisa told NBC News. “They introduced themselves and said, ‘We saw your sign; we’re here.’ They stayed for a half an hour, they sang this song and I started bawling my head off. I’m like, ‘I can’t believe these people are here for my child.'”

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Chase Gasper, a member of SAE who plays on the Men’s Soccer Team at UCLA, had an uplifting idea for soccer-loving Lexi, LiftBump reports.

“I texted my teammates, and they all stepped up to the plate to visit her,” Gasper told, according to LiftBump. “Everyone who got to know her was really moved. It was an incredible experience, and we really want her to get through this.”

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The team also contributed jerseys, t-shirts, hats and scarves to Lexi and surprised her with tickets to one of their games.

“When we played our game, we kind of played with an extra edge,” Gasper said. “We really wanted to win for her, and we did.”

Word of Lexi’s story gained attention all over the UCLA campus. Players from the men’s and women’s rowing, swimming and tennis teams, members of two sororities, and members of the Christian Campus Ministry stopped by to visit as well.

Lexi was diagnosed after surgeons removed a tumor from her thigh, according to her GoFundMe page. The page was set up to help Lexi’s family pay for her medical bills and has raised over $20,000 out of its $25,000 goal.

By May 2015, after enduring chemotherapy and radiation, her cancer was gone.

Lexi even attended the Women’s World Cup in Canada over the summer with her family and met the team, thanks to the Make a Wish Foundation.

Unfortunately, she found out in August that the cancer had returned.

But the fraternity brothers of SAE are dedicated to caring for Lexi and showing how much they care about her. In November, they decorated the roof of their frat house and then paid her another visit.

“So they had me turn around and look at the lights, and I saw my name on the roof,” Lexi told CBS Los Angeles. “I thought it was really cool. I didn’t think that that would ever happen.”

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Gasper said Lexi has changed his outlook on life.

“I have had a very blessed life; nothing comes close to what she’s gone through,” he said. “She’s such a strong girl.”

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