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11-Year-Old Girl Sends Amazing Breakup Text After Boyfriend 'Cheated' On Her (Photos)

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A girl in Texas posted a series of texts, sent by her 11-year-old sister to her boyfriend, that detailed the couple’s amusingly dramatic breakup and the hilarious burn that ended the relationship.

“We need to talk,” the girl wrote to the boyfriend, named Joey.

“So I heard you went to the park with Natalie. Why would you cheat on me Joey? I gave you two chances and I actually believed you when you said you loved me but I guess not.”

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“I’m sorry I was just hangin [sic] with her,” Joey responded.

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“Whatever just don’t talk to me in middle school,” the girl replied. “I didn’t even love you.”

Joey then responded by saying that because she bought his Starbucks drink, she “obviously” loved him “a little bit.” 

The girl then responded with an applause-worthy burn that cemented the end of their “relationship.”

“Ding ding ding,” she wrote. “Oh, what was that. Oh yeah that was the elevator cause you’re not on my level. I won this fight. We’re over for real this time.”

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It’s safe to assume Joey got the message loud and clear.

Sources: Buzzfeed, Twitter

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