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11-Year-Old Confronts YouTube Bullies By Reading Their Mean Comments (Video)

An 11-year-old boy fought back against bullies who had left mean comments on YouTube videos he and his father posted by reading them aloud and calling for an end to online bullying (video below).

Logan Fairbanks and his father, Josh Fairbanks, 30, have been posting videos of pranks they play on one another for the past year on YouTube. When Logan found that people were making mean comments directed at him on the videos, he asked his father to film him fighting back against the bullies.

It took months of Logan pushing his father to say yes, and he finally did, telling ABC News, “If there was a chance for [Logan] to make a difference in the world then why not try, no matter how rough the road."

"I was very hesitant [to allow Logan to make the video]," he said. "I knew he had seen some comments, but I also knew that he hadn't seen anywhere near the worst of them."

"I knew the depths of how horrible people could get online, especially behind a screen where no one would know who they were," Josh continued. "I was able to shield [Logan] for a while but after more of our videos became popular, he watched them on his own and saw some not-so-nice comments.” 

In the two-minute video, Logan calmly recites some of the comments left by YouTube users, including the following:

“It’s funny because he’s fat.”

“He looks like such a stupid fatso.”

“His dad scared the gay right out of him.”

“I’m surprised he fits in the front seat.”

“Squeal, piggy squeal.”

“I hope that he dies.”

“Retard alert.”

“I hope he gets cancer.”

His final emotional message to the world at the end of the video is: “I hope that people don’t bully other people online anymore, and that this helps. And people that have been bullied, don’t let these words affect you.”

Logan’s video has, to date, been viewed more than 634,000 times with over 6,600 'thumbs ups' from YouTube users and a variety of supportive comments.

“You've displayed a higher level of maturity and intellect than any of your bullies,” user Rodney Thomas wrote. "Kudos to you and your father for making this video. Stay strong Logan!” 

“Cyber-bullying is the most coward way of insulting someone,” user Agustin Magallanes wrote. "You just say nasty things to someone who doesn't even know you and has never done anything to you behind a screen and anonymously.” 

“Logan,” Jerry Ozbun commented. "Thanks for posting this. Despite what others have and will say, I hope that I can raise my son with the character that you have shown here. Josh, you've raised a heck of a kid there, I am positive you are very proud of him, as you should be.”

Logan has also received personal notes from people all over the world for his brave act.

"I wanted to show that I could be strong against whatever people said against me and to inspire others who deal with the same thing," Logan said. "People from Sweden, England, Israeland all over have emailed us. It means a lot to me to see that my video is affecting people for good from around the world."

Sources: ABC News, Josh Fairbanks/YouTube / Photo credit: YouTube


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